HOUSTON – The following guilty pleas were entered during the Thursday, Oct. 24 session of Houston Municipal Court, according to court records.

The presiding judge was Garry Turner.

Municipal Court convenes on the second and fourth Thursday monthly.

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor crimes, municipal ordinances and city traffic violations. Municipal judges may conduct initial appearances in which defendants are advised of the charges being filed, as well as bond hearings and preliminary hearings.

Oct. 24 guilty pleas:

--Justin Allen, FTA, warrant issued.

--Shaunteria B. Young, FTA, warrant issued.

--Leann Wilson, FTA, warrant issued.

--Thomas Bailey, careless driving, guilty, $156.50

--Labrittise H. Benford, simple assault domestic, guilty, $457.25.

--Derrick Berry, simple assault domestic, guilty, $457.25.

--Jamiquese T. White, disturbing the peace, guilty, $282.75.

--Stafford Moore, shoplifting, guilty, $427.75.

--Theodore Fulton, expired tag, guilty, $217.

--Bailie Pennington, no insurance, guilty, $396.50

--Diana Horton, suspended license, guilty, $197.

--Diana Horton, no insurance, guilty, $396.50.

--Joe Lee Shepherd III, careless driving, guilty, $156.50.

--Joe Lee Shepherd III, possession of paraphernalia, guilty, $332.75.

--Christopher Hilmus, possession of marijuana, guilty, $$432.75.

--Michael Hiner, disturbing the peace, guilty, $282.75.

--Michael Hiner, resisting arrest, guilty, $432.75.

--Darien Goodsen, disturbing the peace, guilty, $282.75. --Thomas Waugh, public drunk, guilty, $332.75.

--Tradavious Valentine, possession of marijuana, guilty, $432.75.

--Tradavious Valentine, suspended license, guilty, $197.

--Tradavious Valentine, seatbelt violation, guilty, $30.

--Tradavious Valentine, running stop sign, guilty, $196.50.

--Manuel Eric Dennis, public drunk, guilty, $332.75.

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