Houlka’s Deshun Berry signed with ICC.

Hardly anyone has ever achieved anything by sitting by, idle, just watching the rest of the world move about them. Most people never had the things they got handed to them. No, almost everyone has had to work for what they have, and honestly, they are all the better.

Take athletes for example. There is hardly any, if any at all, athletes currently playing at the professional level who did not have to work for years to be where they are at. There is not a quarterback who did not throw a football hundreds of times until their shoulder ached and was swollen, iced the shoulder and continued throwing. There is not a running back who hasn’t had to sit in a tub full of ice to soothe their aching muscles.

You might ask what all of them have in common, or you might have already figured it out. Either way, it can be summed up in one word, determination. They did not get anywhere without being determined to be there. Most of them were not sitting at home in front of the television when someone threw a million dollar contract in front of them. They had to work at it as previously mentioned.

A great example is Deshun Berry of Houlka who, just this past Friday, signed to play basketball with ICC. Do you think he got there by doing nothing and goofing off? It’s probably safe to answer no too that one.

This does not just apply to athletes, however. Almost everyone has had to make sacrifices and fight to get where they are today. If you are not where you want to be, do not give up, keep fighting and climbing your way to the top until you are finally where you want to be.

As the old saying goes, “a little elbow grease will get the job done.”

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