Christmas time is here and we all need some good cheer this year.

Sports are all winding down with championships and basketball is gearing up to come back professionally.

I just hope that this time next year, we can all be in the stands celebrating together.

This next year will be something intensely different than what our lives are like right now. With the new vaccine being sent out to health care workers, we in the general public will be getting it very soon. With that, hopefully no masks will be needed and we can all shake each other’s hands once again. This can add teh sportsmanship back to the sports we enjoy.

Another thing that the vaccine will help is the sports budgets of schools. Instead of needing to purchase multiple sleeves of cups so each player can have their single-use waters, coaches can go back to using around 12 total bottles for a team of 40 players. This will help the bottom line and will also help with getting newer, safer equipment.

I cannot begin to think of what the student sections will be like next year as well. There will surely be confetti, cheers and chants all around as the pent up spirit from this year finally finds its release. This year there was no home team advantage outside of parents who are not always the most animated group of individuals, but don't get me wrong, they can be.

No matter what next year holds we will all need to soak it in like sponges just because it will be so different than this year.

2020 has been bad in many ways, but it has also shown us that we all have a resolve in ourselves. Here’s to 2021.

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