Will Perkins

There are a two more games of football to be played total. One leading up to the Super Bowl, and then the actual professional championship. As a football guy you might think this makes me sad, and it does. But, what the end of football season means is the start of baseball season.

Baseball season is probably my second favorite season of sports. Baseball as a sport is a classic game that makes you feel good. It brings back memories of kids going to the ballpark with their dad, and bringing a glove to catch foul balls.

Major league and college baseball are amazing to be a spectator at. You can get fantastically overpriced food and beer. At the Majors you can get memorabilia in air conditioned shops. In college, specifically Mississippi State, you can hang out in the left field lounge and be a part of awesome traditions.

When high school baseball starts, however, it looks and feels the same. It is smaller of course, but when you are in the stands watching the game it feels so much bigger. These kids are pitching and batting at a very high level, which makes the game infinitely more watchable. While you can’t buy beer but you can buy concessions that are made with love by the proud parents of the players. There may not be a left field lounge, but there are children all around the stands making their own fun, just like all the crazy college kids.

While there may not be a ton of kids with baseball gloves, or home runs after every pitch, there are a lot of great kids who love this game and play extremely well. These student athletes deserve to be watched and cheered for, and I am so ready to do that.

I am looking forward to the start of high school baseball and I look for an outstanding show from our area teams this year.

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