MACON – The Houston Hilltoppers sadly had their season finished this Friday after playing a fantastic game against the Noxubee Tigers. The final score was 14-12 after going into overtime.

The field was mush after only a few plays due to the rain that had been falling all day. The sidelines and entrances into the stadium were giant mud pits. This did not stop either team from playing an extremely hard nosed football game. With a score of only 6-6 leading into the half it is clear that these teams were well matched. Defense is where the Toppers performed the best all game. Taking advantage of the offensive players’ fear of injury due to the rain, the Topper’s defense was explosive, many plays ending in no yards or tackles for losses.

On the offensive side of the ball Bobby Townsend once again proved himself to be an athlete. Townsend was called upon to play, quarterback, receiver, and running back. At times this young man literally carried his teammates on his back over the first down line. Another athlete that has grown into his own at the tail end of this season is number eight, Derrion Pulphus. After injuries benched Martravius Parker, Pulphus stood up and became an outstanding backup quarterback.

Sadly this season has come to an end, but that should not take away from what this team has accomplished over the season. Congratulations to all the seniors as well as the entire team.

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