Houston’s Zavian Ford running the ball for the Toppers.

HOUSTON – The Houston Hilltoppers lost a rare Thursday game this week at home against the Choctaw County Chargers by a score of 24-12. They played the game on Thursday in an attempt to avoid the storms predicted for Friday. The Chargers were a dominating force on the offensive side on the ball with almost 300 yards of rushing alone. Despite playing a good game, Bobby Townsend did not perform at his best, creating 57 of the 68 total yards for Houston on the ground.

Houston has been playing injured for the latter part of this season. Quarterback Martravius “Red” Parker is back after an injury forced him onto the bench at halftime of the Noxubee game last week. Parker threw for 104 yards on Thursday, which while impressive has just become the standard for this outstanding young athlete. Most of those yards were received by Sherman Crawford. Crawford had a great game, almost breaching 100 yards in this game. He has played well all year however Houston is a ground and pound team.

While the Hilltoppers have lost three in a row, the rest of the season’s games are definitely winnable. With Aberdeen next week sitting at 1-7, and Hatley the week after sitting at 4-4. No one will be surprised if they see Houston in the playoffs this year, it’s almost expected. As long as they stay healthy this team could go far.

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