Houston Boys

Zay Ivy drives the ball to the basket.

CALHOUN CITY • The Houston Hilltoppers traveled to Calhoun City to take on the Wildcats on Friday, Feb. 7. The Toppers played a hard-fought game, but ultimately the Wildcats won the game by a score of 73-60.

The two teams were incredibly well matched, and the score remained tied or differing by a small, single-digit deficit.

Both teams came out strong, and they played aggressive offense and defense. There were several good plays including two dunks from MJ Smith.

Xavier Virges hit several successful three pointers, as well as driving the ball successfully.

The Wildcats did not break away until late in the 3rd quarter, and even then, the Toppers remained close. A few questionable calls by the officials gave Calhoun the go ahead to get a bigger lead, and the Toppers were not able to catch up.

Houston moves to 17-10 on the season, 3-1 in divisional play. This is the record they will carry into the divisional tournament as this was the final game of the regular season.

The Toppers will take on Choctaw County on Thursday in the Region 4 3A divisional tournament.

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