David Huffman loads boxes of food into a vehicle. 

HOULKA – Cars once again lined the street adjacent to Houlka First Baptist Church as they waited to receive their boxes of food from the Mississippi Crisis Relief food drive.

This is the second drive that the church has held, and it came just over a month after the first one, on Thursday, April 22.

“The company that does this, that provides the food, saw how successful it was the first time, and they really liked the way we had our parking lot set up, the flow went really well and we had plenty of volunteers,” said Pastor Keith Collins.

This time was not any different either, according to Collins.

They had many volunteers show up again and there were plenty of people to be served.

“The same thing happened this time. We had plenty of volunteers, more people came and got food early on, and so we have had a good distribution so far and we are very thankful for another opportunity to help out Chickasaw County by distributing food to families in need.”

Representatives from the Town of Woodland came and picked up some boxes so that they could hand them out to people in Woodland that needed them and they would not or could not travel to Houlka. Collins said that this is what they want to happen. He said that they are aiming to serve Chickasaw County, not just Houlka.

There was a small hiccup early on, as the delivery truck with the food boxes went to the wrong location, however, the people waited patiently and when the delivery arrived, the volunteers worked quickly to get them the food that they needed.

Collins said that they appreciated all of the volunteers and the community for helping them make the event a success.

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