HOULKA – The Houlka Softball and Baseball teams, parents, and supporters held a cleanup day at the Houlka Park on July 27. There were over 60 people helping with this project. There were backhoes, tractors, mowers, weed eaters, plenty of shovels and rakes. These people were doing tasks like repairing and cleaning out concession stand, repairing water leaks, cleaning out dugouts, measuring and setting bases, repairing and cleaning outfield signs, weed eating, and mowing. The three fields at the park received a major upgrade on this day.

Softball Coach Stephanie Turner said, “We came together as a community today. It has been several years since we cleaned up and did repairs to the park and the fields. I am a homegrown Houlka product and want to get community involved with our softball program. I want to have a softball program and facilities that the community is proud of. We feel like if we have a better field, we will play better. I want the opponents to be amazed at our park and field when they pull up on their bus.”

Baseball Coach Jonathon Huffman said, “We want to improve our field in many ways. We are repairing some drainage problems in the outfield, measuring and setting our bases. We do not play baseball until the spring, but we want our field to look good year around.”

If you live in the Houlka area, or ride by the park occasionally, stop and get out looking at the park. You will be amazed what one day of hard work did for the park.

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