HOULKA – The town of Houlka will hold its sixth annual Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day luncheon Tuesday, May 16, starting at 11 a.m. at the Houlka Community Center.

If the event runs as well as the previous five, broad-based area support, hard work by a lot of people, lots of donations and volunteer efforts, will insure the event will be held without cost to the town, town officials said.

The event’s timing is no accident. By federal decree, May 15 is Peace Officers Memorial Day. The week around that is National Police Week.

Houlka Police Chief Ray Laney is expected to host this year’s event, as he has in previous years.

“We want to be able to come in and enjoy one another, and not have worry about everyday stresses of law enforcement,” Laney said at last year’s event. “We often have to have to deal with other people’s problems, so it’s good to have someone come in to help the guys for a change.

“The idea is to relax and let everybody mingle and have a good time, talk and carry on,” he added. “Even though county and municipal lines separate us, in a very real sense we’re all in this together.’’

Houlka Town Clerk Janie Tutor said it’s just a simple way to say thank you.

“Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is our way of saying to officers, thanks for all you do,” said Tutor, “we appreciate you beyond words to express it, and we’ve always got your back.”

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