Palmer Harmon douses the flames. 

HOUSTON – A house fire last week looks to be the result of burning leaves, said Houston Fire Chief Jonathan Blankenship.

Houston firefighters were dispatched to the scene of a house fire on Monday, Nov. 29.

The house, which was located on Wofford Drive in Houston, had some damage around the roof area, and that is how they believe the fire got inside to begin with.

“It appeared that someone was burning leaves in the backyard, and there was some damage to the edge of the roof, soffit area on the house, that was open from age and what have you, and we believe embers flew into the attic from the burning leaves and caught the attic on fire.”

The fire was contained within the attic, and it was mostly smoldering in the insulation, which caused the firefighters to have to pull down the ceiling in approximately 90 percent of the house.

That was that, however, about 21 hours later, they were dispatched to the same house again for a rekindling.

However, once they arrived on scene, they found it to be a different story.

“We were dispatched about 21 hours later for a possible rekindle and found a fire in a bedroom and that fire is under investigation.”

According to Blankenship, he understood someone to be home at the time of the first fire, and the second fire, they were the ones who called it in.

“They said that they had just gotten there to go through their stuff and noticed smoke coming out of it.”

There were no injuries and there were no pets in the house.

According to Blankenship, the house is not livable.

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