Jason McNease takes aim. 

HOUSTON – The Houston High School Archery Team has had an eventful season, shooting several matches since the beginning of the year.

They kicked off the season on a high note, with a win against West Point. The Toppers won 2,964-2,891.

While none of them took away the highest scorers of the match honor, they did shoot impressively.

Jason McNease shot for 262 points to lead the Toppers in scoring.

Second place was a tie between Steven Cook and Laura-Ann Gann, who had 255.

The remaining scorers included: Khloe Flake, 253, TJ Guido, 252, Damien Williams, 250, Julie Beth Murphree, 249, JW Pettit, 246, Case Booth, 245, Alyssa Murphree, 234, Connor Spratlin, 233 and Tyler Davis, 230.

The next match saw the Toppers once again facing off against West Point and winning again.

Khloe Flake won the top female scorer of the match with 261 points, as well as being the top scorer for the team, tied with TJ Guido.

Jason McNease held third place with 258.

The remaining scorers included: JW Pettit, 254, JT Gann, 251, Laura-Ann Gann, 244, Julie Beth Murphree, 240, Steven Cook, 239, Kaitlynn Murphree, 238, Noah Patton, 236, Connor Spratlin, 228 and Case Booth, 227.

They wracked up another win against Starkville Academy the following match, with both male and female top scorers being on Houston's team.

Jason McNease was the top male scorer with 274 and Kaitlynn Murphree was the top female scorer with 250.

Other scorers included: Khloe Flake, 249, Laura-Ann Gann, 249, JW Pettit, 245, Julie Beth Murphree, 243, Case Booth, 243, TJ Guido, 241, Connor Spratlin, 239, JT Gann, 236, Tyler Davis, 230 and Jon Hodge Murphree, 229.

The Toppers' first loss came against Amory on Feb. 1.

The top scorers for Houston were Jason McNease with 270 and Julie Beth Murphree with 262.

Other scorers included: Khloe Flake, 258, Kaitlynn Murphree, 252, TJ Guido, 249, JW Pettit, 247, Steven Cook, 239, Connor Spratlin, 234, Laura-Ann Gann, 232, Alyssa Murphree, 231, Carter Pettit, 228 and Tyler Davis, 227.

The following match on Feb. 2 also saw the Toppers fall, this time to Starkville.

Scorers for Houston included: Jason McNease, 277, Ivette Gonzalez, 260, Connor Spratlin, 255, TJ Guido, 252, Julie Beth Murphree, 251, Kaitlynn Murphree, 247, Khloe Flake, 246, Tyler Davis, 242, Laura-Ann Gann, 239, JW Pettit, 239, Carter Pettit, 236 and Alyssa Murphree, 227.

However, the losses would not keep them down, as they bounced back with a win over South Pontotoc on Feb. 9.

Jason McNease was the top male shooter of the match with 267.

Other scorers included: TJ Guido, 263, Julie Beth Murphree, 263, Connor Spratlin, 256, JW Pettit, 252, Kaitlynn Murphree, 251, Khloe Flake, 251, JT Gann, 246, Carter Pettit, 239, Ivette Gonzalez, 236, Laura-Ann Gann, 235 and Alyssa Murphree, 226.

The next match was a bit of a new experience for the Toppers, they competed against Pontotoc in a virtual match. While Pontotoc did come out on top, the Toppers reached a milestone in that they broke 3,000 points.

Jason McNease was the top scorer for Houston again with 268.

He was followed by TJ Guido, 267, JW Pettit, 264, Kaitlynn Murphree, 261, Julie Beth Murphree, 258, Steven Cook, 250, Khloe Flake, 249, Case Booth, 249, Courtney Young 245, Alyssa Murphree, 243, Tyler Davis, 233 and Laura-Ann Gann, 231.

The winter storm put a halt to any competitions that week, but once the ice cleared, the Toppers were ready to get back to shooting. They once again out shot South Pontotoc.

Julie Beth Murphree was the highest female shooter of the match with 261 points.

The Toppers were once again led by Jason McNease with 274.

He was followed by TJ Guido, 263, Julie Beth Murphree, 261, Khloe Flake, 256, JW Pettit, 250, Alden Edwards, 243, Laura-Ann Gann, 242, Connor Spratlin, 237, Kaitlynn Murphree, 235, Tyler Davis, 233, Courtney Young, 230 and Alyssa Murphree, 226.

Last week, the Toppers hosted Starkville Academy, and they came out on top.

The top male shooter was TJ Guido with 275 and the top female was Julie Beth Murphree with 266.

They were followed by Jason McNease, 266, Alyssa Murphree, 246, Alden Edwards, 243, Connor Spratlin, 242, JW Pettit, 238, Courtney Young, 236, Steven Cook, 233, Kaitlynn Murphree, 223, Case Booth, 213 and Carter Pettit, 208.

The most recent match saw the Toppers taking on Amory at home in Houston. While the Toppers did not win, Jason McNease was the top male scorer with 275.

Most notably, McNease also shot a nearly perfect round.

He was followed by TJ Guido, 268, Julie Beth Murphree, 253, Connor Spratlin, 251, Courtney Young, 251, Ivette Gonzalez, 250, JW Pettit, 244, Kaitlynn Murphree, 244, Alyssa Murphree, 239, Steven Cook, 239, Haley Murphree, 232 and Case Booth, 228.

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