HOUSTON – The Hilltoppers basket ball season is back with the both the boys and the girls teams winning against East Webster.

The Hilltoppers beat the Wolverines by 77-38 while the Lady Toppers beat the Lady Wolverines by 59-52. The two teams seemed to out play their East Webster counterparts by a decent amount, even though the girls score may appear different. Houston was noticeably faster and hungrier than the Wolverines. With dunks on the boys side, and ball strips from the girls, Houston showed that they will be a force this year.

Another thing that has been a force at football games and now basketball games are the fans. These die hard fans will cheer louder than just about anyone, and in the confines of a basketball court it is even louder. There were fans that were spilling out onto the floor just to watch their teams and cheer them on.

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