HOUSTON – The Houston Board of Aldermen met on Tuesday, June 4. The order of business was as follows:

– Approved the minutes for May 7, May 14, and May 30.

– Jack Lewis talked to the board about renewing the contract for the fuel system at the airport. Ward II Alderlady, Shenia Jones made a motion to go with the premium plan. Motion passed.

– Jack Lewis also spoke to the board about a farmer who is causing problems by not following the FAA rules and regulations. The board agreed to send a letter to the farmer asking for his compliance.

– Sean Johnson addressed the board about funding for pending Homecoming festivities. He asked that the board at least match the $2,000 donation made last year. The board agreed to donate $2,500.

– Alderman-at-large, Barry Springer spoke to the board on behalf of Frank Pemper about the need for a conservation program at the cemetery. The board agreed to consult Gary Huffman before proceeding.

– A representative of the Master Gardeners addressed the board about the old community center near Legion Lake. They wish to undertake the landscaping responsibilities if the city is not planning to demolish the building. The board agreed to have a work session at the community center to assess the viability of the building.

– City Clerk Lisa Easley spoke to the board about funding for parts to fix the dog pound. After discussion, the board agreed to pay for parts.

– The board approved an hourly pay raise for city employee, Deana Thacker from $12 to $12.30.

– Mayor Stacey Parker raised the issue of needing a new Public Works employee. The board agreed to accept applications.

– The board heard department reports. Jonathan Blankenship told about the fire department’s two active fundraisers and the completion of the station’s front lawn project.

– The board addressed claims.

– The mayor made a motion to adjourn.

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