HOUSTON – It was announced last week that the Flywheel Festival slated for September had been canceled.

"We are disappointed that the festival has had to be canceled due to fears over COVID,” said Sean Johnson, Chickasaw Development Foundation Director. “People from all around the region look forward to coming to Houston to experience this great event, and we'll miss them this year."

The fall Flywheel Festival becomes the latest in a long line of festivals being canceled due to COVID-19. The most notable in our area being the annual Sweet Potato Festival in Vardaman, which is a huge source of revenue for the town. Houston was also a victim earlier in the year when the virus forced them to cancel the Spring Flywheel Festival as well.

Houston will see the effects of these cancellations, especially in terms of economic impacts to the city, but according to Johnson, they will not be as severe as they could have been.

"In terms of economic impact, the Spring Flywheel Festival was our biggest hit. The market for that festival and the fees paid by food vendors is one of the Chickasaw Development Foundations biggest fundraisers, and the commerce that the festival brings to Houston, in general, is substantial. Luckily for the city, our tourism and sales tax revenues have remained strong throughout the pandemic, so, we're not taking too much of a hit."

However, Houston is not letting the cancellations deter them from trying to further the success of the festivals held twice annually.

"The Flywheel Festival is one of Houston's oldest and most popular events and we have been working on growing it into a larger event. Our last spring festival, with the dominoes championship, bluegrass showcase and very successful market showed some great potential. We're looking forward to building on the events legacy and recent successes after the pandemic passes. Hopefully, we'll be back to form for the Spring Festival in April of 2021."

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