A photo from an onlooker of the flames and smoke pouring from the roof of the restaurant. 

HOUSTON – A fire produced some damage to the Houston Hardee's location on Friday, May 28.

According to Houston Fire Chief Jonathan Blankenship, they were dispatched to a fire at the Hardee's at 9:55 p.m.

They arrived to find fire coming from the roof, however, that was from the Vent A Hood funneling the fire up and out as it was supposed to.

According to Blankenship, it was confirmed by employees and the manager on duty that it was a grease fire.

They attempted to use the fire suppression system that is built in, but it was to no avail.

They then called 911.

“Our units arrived on scene and there was fire through the roof and a lot of people probably saw that, but it actually didn't break through the roof, it was actually going up the Vent A Hood,” said Blankenship. “The Vent A Hood vented out the roof, which was proper. That got the fire out of the building instead of in the attic, so that was a really good thing.”

The damage included the Vent A Hood, some charred timber on the inside of the roof, the attic area, some smoke damage and some water damage to equipment. However, according to Blankenship, there was little to no structural damage from the fire, and the down time for the restaurant should be minimal.

There were employees present at the time of the fire, however, everyone escaped without injury.

The restaurant confirmed on Saturday, May 29, that it would be down for a period of time.

“A huge shout to the Houston Fire Department for the quick response, it could have been a lot worse,” read the post. “No one was hurt, but we do have damage. We will not be open for a while, but we will be back.”

Blankenship spoke about the speedy response of the firefighters and their work extinguishing the fire.

“They did a really good job,” he said. “We had a good turnout from our volunteers and everybody did a really good job.”

It is unknown when the restaurant will reopen for business.

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