MAC Awards

The Hilltoppers who were honored by the MAC.

HOUSTON – This season the Houston Hilltoppers were awarded with 13 Mississippi Association of Coaches awards. Multiple offensive and defensive players were placed onto the Super 24 team of the best players in the country.

On the offensive side of the team Bobby Townsend, Jacory Golden and Calvin McMillian are the players representing Houston.

Bobby Townsend helped take the Hilltoppers to a record of 10-4 with his 886 rushing yards, 58 receiving yards and he also helped secure the Toppers a place in the playoffs.

Jacory Golden had a fantastic year as well. He had 167 receiving yards on the year with 15.2 yards per game. He, like most of Houston’s offense, also had some defensive stats as well. Golden had 29 solo tackles on the year.

Last but not least we have offensive lineman Calvin McMillian. While stats are harder to come up with for offensive linemen, McMillian was able to score a touchdown this year. The easiest way to find out how good an offensive linemen is to look at the people he protects, yards gained and with team mate like Bobby Townsend, it is clear to see McMillian was an extremely talented linemen.

On the defensive side of things there is Allen Robinson, Shemar Crawford and Jylon Davidson.

Allen Robinson is the only defensive linemen from the Hilltoppers team. With 65 sacks for the year he contributed to Houston’s impressive year defensively. He also helped on some of the scoring drives by being the person they called on for 2-point conversions.

Shemar Crawford is a fantastic defensive back with 33 solo tackles as well as 90 tackling assists this year. All of this comes from Crawford, who also plays two other sports during the school year.

There were also six players on the first team who were awarded as well. Their names are: Tavarious Holmes, Zavian Ford, Derrion Pulphus, Stone Nelson , Martravius “Red” Parker and Kellan Pumphrey.

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