Houston’s newly hired basketball coach, Justin Childs, was introduced to the team on Tuesday. In his meeting, he discussed his goals for the team and what he expected of the players. Pictured is Childs addressing the players. He stands beside his presentation which he prepared to layout his ideas and expectations.

HOUSTON • Justin Childs is ready to take on his new challenge as the head basketball coach for the Houston Hilltoppers.

On Tuesday morning, Childs was named the new head coach for Houston after the departure of Chris Pettit to Choctaw County High School.

Childs, a Louisville native, was the head coach for Delta Street Academy for two years. Prior to coaching there, Childs was the coach at Winston Academy for four years and Riverside High School for two years.

This previous season, he led the Delta Street Academy Lions to an outstanding 25-4 record and won the 2021 Midsouth Association of Independent Schools 1A State Championship.

Childs’ decision to take this position was highly influenced by Houston’s impressive athletics history.

“Houston is a great place for a coach. They have always been tradition rich when it comes to having good teams, producing talented players and having a supportive community behind them,” Childs said.

Childs got the opportunity to meet his players that morning, and he described the first encounter as a great experience.

“I saw a group of guys and girls that looked eager and ready to work,” Childs said. “We are set to have our first practice tomorrow, and I was just really impressed with the willingness and hunger to get started that they displayed today; that said a lot about their character.”

The main goal on Coach Childs list is to add on to the success that Houston’s basketball programs have had.

“Their teams have been at a good, competitive level for the past few years and have seen success. Our goal now is to not only continue that, but also build to that success and find new levels in the future,” Childs said.

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