HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department is warning motorists about the consequences of improper equipment on the road.

The biggest issue the police see is the loud exhaust pipes on trucks and improperly tinted windows/windshield.

The pipes are prohibited.

The tint can not be darker than a certain percentage, and as far as the windshield, it is illegal for the tint to impede the view.

Both offenses carry a ticket and a fine of $197 per offense.

“We are not here to harass anybody, we just want everyone out there to be safe”

Voyles also mentioned the ATV problem on city streets. ATV's are not street legal, and they are prohibited on the streets of Houston.

“They will be stopped and they will be towed at the owner's expense,” he said.

Lastly he mentioned blue lights on vehicles such as headlights and running lights. They are illegal to operate while the vehicle is moving.

According to Voyles, they are cracking down on improper equipment because it is a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike.

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