HOUSTON – Houston Parks and Recreation department decided Tuesday night, at the recommendation of the Board of Aldermen, to cancel the upcoming summer league.

The decision was made after weighing the pros and cons, and also taking into consideration the amount of participants that would actually play.

According to Park and Rec Director John Gravat, there have been many parents who voiced their concern saying that they did not feel comfortable with their kids playing due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Gravat also voiced his own concerns about the season citing a scenario where teams are drafted and uniforms are ordered, but then the season has to be canceled half way through because of a resurgence of COVID-19. The department will already have upwards of $30,000 dollars invested at that point he said, and refunding the public's money would be impossible.

Therefore, the decision was made to cancel the league and refund everyone's money.

According to the Facebook post made by the Park and Rec page, refunds can be picked up at City Hall starting Wednesday, May 13. Anyone picking up a refund must have a valid ID in order to get the refund.

The post also mentions that anyone still interested in having their children play can go to Vardaman, where Caleb Teddar is still holding their summer league, and has opened it to Houston players as well. Forms for that are available outside of City Hall in Vardaman.

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