HOUSTON • The Houston Police Department announced it will will be enforcing the Shelter in Place mandate issued by Governor Tate Reeves according to Chief Billy Voyles.

Reeves issued the mandate on Wednesday, April 1, and it is in effect from Friday, April 3 at 5 p.m.-Monday, April 20 at midnight.

According to Voyles, anyone caught violating the order will face fines, and any juveniles will be taken to the police department until a parent or guardian can come get them, and the parent/guardian will be fined.

“We just want to keep everyone safe and alive,” said Voyles. “If we work together, we can beat this, and we are just trying to make sure that happens.”

People are allowed to be out for any of the reasons that were declared “essential” by the mandate. These include caring for someone in the vulnerable population, getting food or necessary supplies or working for an essential business. Anyone not doing one of these activities is ordered to stay at home.

According to Voyles, they do not want people out joyriding or walking around Houston after the mandate takes effect, he said they will face repercussions.

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