HOUSTON – The Houston Police Department is looking to get a new, furry addition to the department in the form of a K9 Unit.

The Board of Aldermen approved setting up a K9 fund where donations will be placed as they come in.

“The Houston Police Department is raising funds to establish a K9 Unit,” said Chief Adam Harmon in a release from the Department. “Once the program is established, the ongoing maintenance costs are minimal to maintain the program.”

He went on to talk about the benefits of not only having a K9 Unit, but also of having the community help obtain it.

“The benefits of this to the Police Department and more so the community we serve, will be tremendous. K9s serve many purposes, not just apprehending criminals or finding drugs, but also by bringing the community closer to its police department and understanding the work we do.”

They are reaching out to local businesses and agencies as well as community members for support.

He also outlined how the money would be spent.

“This initial amount goes toward purchasing and training a K9 as well as outfitting a vehicle specifically for the K9. With your assistance, we can reach this goal and have our unit up and running in a short period of time. We would like to keep the community involved in the program and these donations would aid in doing so.”

While pitching the idea to the board, he said that the force already had an officer who is K9 certified, he would just have to get certified with this particular K9.

He also spoke more about the though process behind making the move.

“Right now we are having to get either the county or another county to come in and bring their dog to search the school. We've got a guy now who's already certified and works for us.”

The board voted unanimously to set up the fund.

“This just adds another tool to the arsenal that we use to protect and serve,” said Mayor Stacey Parker.

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