Pictured is the back section of the community house that was being discussed. 

HOUSTON – The Houston Board of Aldermen heard a proposal from one of their own, Ward 3 Alderman Matt Callahan, pertaining to the community house, which is in his ward.

“I have been working and talking with Caleb [Tedder], and I would like the board to see if we can get some quotes on that community house and turning the back part, the shooting range, into a couple of bathrooms and a concession stand,” he said.

He said that there have been some investors who are looking to potentially spruce up that park with new tennis courts, and he would like to see how much it would cost to prepare the area for that.

“We have some investors aiming to donate, and we were talking to them about some tennis courts, and I just wanted to see how much we are looking at, and once we get our audits together, come back. I talked to Senator [Ben] Suber, and there is some money for parks. So, I would like to get some quotes and see how much money it would take to make the community house some bathrooms and a concession stand and see if we can’t get some tennis courts.”

He said that he wanted to start the brainstorming phase of the project so that they would be able to proceed when the time came.

Other members of the board did not seem to have a problem with the idea, however, Ward 1 Alderman John Fred Lancaster did voice a bit of concern.

“I am not against us doing something over there, it just seems like we are getting the cart before the horse. As far as concession stands, we don’t have anything right now to build concession stands for over there.”

However, Callahan reiterated the donation situation.

“The point is, there are some people that are wanting to donate equipment for three tennis courts over there, if we do that.”

The board did not take any official action on the matter.

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