GULF PORT – The North team dominated the South team at the annual Bernard Blackwell all-star game played in Gulfport on Dec. 21. With a final score of 21-7, it is clear that with the help of Houston locals, Rish Alford and Calvin Mcmillian, the North team was just too dominant.

The North took over the South late in the second quarter, scoring 20 points in the span of three minutes. While the South would end up scoring, this proved to be an insurmountable score for the South to come back from.

Playing in rainy conditions meant that the field and ball were wet. This paired with a fantastic defense that Houston High School’s Rish Alford was a part of meant that turn overs were prevalent. Alford was able to be the disruptive force in this game just like he was during all of his high school carrer. A fantastic player on a fantastic team.

Helping the quarterback on the North’s team have enough time to make passes, or opening up holes for the running back to come through was Calvin Mcmillian’s job. Being a part of the offensive line you do not always get the recognition when you play well. If you are doing your job right then the “big stars” get to shine. However, Mcmillian and the other five linemen shined just as bright, and were recognized by the Mississippi Association of Coaches. Mcmillian and the line played well, and that is easily seen by the lopsided score. They could not do that without a good line.

With this being the definitive end for these two players varsity careers, it is great to be on the winning squad. Whatever the future may hold for these young men, they should know that they have a town ready to cheer them on wherever they may go.

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