From attending Mississippi State baseball games as a child with his family to winning the College World Series, life sure does move fast for Luke Hancock.

The Houston native always dreamed about competing for a National Championship as a young Hilltopper, but achieving this dream, yet alone winning, seemed like a stretch to him until now.

“I never envisioned myself being a National Champion. It was always something I dreamed about since getting my offer from State, but I never thought it would come to fruition,” Hancock said. “But through a bunch of hard work that we put in, my dream came true.”

Hancock has seen a tremendous amount of support from the people of Houston on this road to victory. Friends, family and former coaches such as Scott Gann and Luke Adkins, all congratulated him on this memorable moment.

“The hometown support has been great. I know a bunch of people from Houston came to Omaha to cheer me and the team on,” Hancock said. One of my best friends messaged me three hours before the game saying that he was flying out to be there.”

Hancock continued to say that the support that he has received from everyone has had a positive effect on his performance.

“Just knowing that they have been by my side since I was in high school and that they are still by my side means a lot to me,” Hancock said. “It made me want to play better.”

Hancock’s performances at Omaha were amazing to see, and he was apart of the big final out that sealed the victory for the Bulldogs.

“When I was out there, I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to get the last out, and luckily I made it happen,” Hancock said. “Just being out there with my teammates and sharing that moment with everyone was awesome and I will never forget it.”

As far as being known as a hometown hero/celebrity in Houston, Hancock laughed and gave a humble remark.

“I hope not. At the end of the day, I am just a kid from Houston, Mississippi that was fortunate enough to be put in this position to play at this great university and win,” Hancock said. “I am ready to see everyone back home and see how they react.”

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