HOUSTON • The Houston School District hosted one of two public hearings about the proposed bond issue on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at the Houston Upper Elementary Gym.

There was not a large turn out, and many of the people there were business owners who have come out in support of the issue, and school personnel.

“I wish there were more people here, but the people who were here were engaged and interested and I think overall supportive,” said Superintendent Tony Cook.

Cook gave his presentation, which was very similar to the one given at the public meeting in December, with the floor being open for questions this time around. The people present asked many good questions including about the breakdown of costs and the division of payment.

Cook answered the questions, and offered his thoughts on the issue as well.

There were some new clarifications that came out of this hearing as well. The main was a concern that many have raised, being who would pay for the bond. Cook clarified that it would be the taxpayers in the Houston School District, which includes Houston, Woodland, Thorn, etc. It excludes Okolona and Houlka.

The main concern among the citizens there seemed to be the increase in millage on top of what is already paid.

At the hearing, two people, Jason Brooks and Milette Nabors were public with their support for the issue. Brooks explained that a school system is the determining factor for almost all aspects of a town. Nabors emphasized that it would be a sacrifice, but that she felt it was worth it for the children.

“I just know its going to be a hard decision to make because its really going to impact a lot of families in a negative way and its going to be hard for some of them to see the benefits without knowing what’s going on,” said Jeff Flatt, one of the citizens at the hearing “Like she mentioned, its going to be a sacrifice… so I haven’t really made a decision yet.”

The next hearing will be on Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. in the middle school commons area. The following Tuesday, Mar. 3, will be the election, which will be held at the upper elementary school.

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