HOUSTON – Students at Houston School District will soon have access to internet after hours.

The School Board met for a special called meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19. While in session, they approved paying the invoices for equipment and installation of broadband services.

The school is not signing up for a new internet provider or anything, however.

They are adding equipment to extend the range of the internet they have now, so that students can access it from the parking lots after school hours.

“This is to expand what we have got out farther, I think we will end up with 10 or 11 outside access points,” said Superintendent Tony Cook.

Cook named the access points that are planned. They include the front and side of the CTE building, band hall parking lot, high school parking lot, high school teachers' parking lot, the front and back of the middle school, the lower elementary parking lot and the upper elementary car rider line. He also noted that they are almost positive that the access from the teachers' lot will extend all the way to the tennis courts.

The board voiced their approval of the project, and stated how it would help students who do not have access to internet at home.

“The point is for a child to be able to come after hours with their Chromebook and work on it, which is good” said Daniel Heeringa, a member of the school board.

According to Cook, the school will also have some of the equipment installed on buses so that if the need arose, they could be carried to an area that is largely rural such as Woodland or Trebloc where students may not be able to drive to the school, and parked for a couple of hours for them to access. He said that this might have to be utilized if the school shut down again.

Heeringa moved for the approval of the item and seconded by Carol Byrne, and it passed unanimously.

The installation is scheduled for Nov. 23-25, the week of Thanksgiving holidays. 

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