HOUSTON -- They say there’s never a miracle around when you need one.

Tanasity Murry would disagree with that.

She offers as proof her son, Ashton, 2.

The youngster sustained relatively minor injuries after a large tree limb fell on Tanasity’s mother’s parked car, destroying the vehicle while Ashton was in it, during a storm one night last month.

Ashton sustained a laceration just above his knee, but it’s healing and he’s back to normal today, his mom said this week.

Houston Fire Chief Jonathan Blankenship, who was among first responders dispatched to the scene, agreed the situation could have turned out far worse.

“We were dispatched to the scene about 9:06 p.m. Tuesday August 11, after a storm came through and a huge limb -- as big as a lot of trees -- had fallen across the rear of the car. The limb also pulled down a power line. The youngster had been removed from the vehicle by the time we arrived,” he said.

The downed power line hampered rescuers, the fire chief said. “It took us a little time to find a safe way in and out of the scene because we didn’t know if the line was live or not.

“Family members told us the child had been sitting on a car seat in the rear passenger side when the limb fell. There sure wasn’t much room between where the tree hit and where he was.

“We got him bandaged up and called an ambulance, and he was transported for treatment. We also appreciate the quick response by Houston police and Natchez Trace EPA workers.

“The Good Lord was sure there that night, for such a potentially horrible situation to have ended up with such a good outcome,” Blankenship said.

First responders cleared the scene about an hour later.

Tanasity explained how the situation unfolded.

She works for Apple from home, and was working that night when it started raining.

“My sister was looking for Ashton’s paci (pacifier), and she thought it might be in my mom’s Toyota Corolla parked outside. My sister went outside to check, and Ashton ran out with her. She put Ashton into the car seat as she was searching the car.

“About that time lightning struck the tree, and knocked down a power line and the tree limb.

“I heard Ashton scream, and I ran outside. I cannot tell you how I got him out of the car with the limb on top of it,” she recalled.

Her sister was scared but unhurt. The car was destroyed.

An ambulance transported the youngster to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Calhoun City. Medical personnel closed the laceration on his right leg with nine staples, and he was released to his mom.

She got good news of a different sort later that night. “My landlord, Barry Springer, and his wife Julie Springer came by after the storm to check on us. The next morning, he was back, cleaning up debris from the storm and clearing our driveway.”

The good news continues: Medical personnel took the staples out late last month, and after a minor staph infection, Ashton is on the mend, Tanasity said this week.

And yes, the paci was found.

She concluded: “I’ve always attended church (she attends House of Mercy Church), and I’ve always believed in God. If I didn’t, having my baby get out of this with a happy ending would have made a believer out of me,” she said.

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