Houston Head Football Coach Baylor Dampeer spoke to the Exchange Club on Friday. 

HOUSTON – Houston High School's newly-hired head football coach spoke to the Exchange Club on Friday, and he addressed the upcoming season.

He said that the Toppers were set to kick off on Aug. 17.

He began with a bit about himself. Dampeer comes from a coaching family, with his father and brother both being head coaches. His father has since retired, however.

He and his family live in Tupelo, however, they are looking to relocate to Houston.

However, he delved into what he saw in the team that he has this year, and what his hopes are for the season.

“We are really looking forward to getting started, and I think we have a great group of seniors,” said Dampeer. “Obviously for their sake we all hope we get to play. We get to coach another year, if God blesses us to do that, but for these guys it is the last go-around.”

He said that with the talent returning to the team as well as some new blood, they really have th opportunity to have a good season.

“I think we have the chance to really make some noise if we get it off and going in the right direction.”

Some of the returning players who he mentioned were Red Parker and Derrion Pulphus at Quarterback, as well as Shemar Crawford and Julius Bell at their respective positions.

He said that his goal was not just to win ballgames, but to also mold these young men into the people they should be.

“I believe that is what we have been hired to do, and that is what we are going to try to do.”

According to Dampeer, the road to this season has not been an easy one, with the team having to adapt to a new coach and his staff and himself having to assess the players and determine their strengths and weaknesses. However, he said that they have made significant strides over the summer.

“We are not going to be where we want to be as soon as we get started, but hopefully its good enough to win some ballgames as we grow.”

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