Xavier Virges signed with Northwest Mississippi Community College on Friday.

HOUSTON – Houston High School graduate Xavier Virges signed to play basketball with Northwest Mississippi Community College on Friday, June 5 at Houston High School.

The ceremony, which was limited to only close family, took place in the commons area at the high school.

Virges signed the papers, then took pictures with his family and coaches.

“It feels great,” said Virges. “I feel like I am going to the right place.”

He enjoyed an outstanding senior season, leading his team to the semifinals, the farthest they have gone since the 1990's. He exploded in the final few games of the tournament/playoffs.

“It was great, we did a lot,” he said. “I love all of my teammates and I am happy to have played for Houston.”

Virges's coach, Chris Pettit, who coached him for his entire varsity career said he was a powerhouse player.

“I am just prod for him,” said Pettit. “He has had tremendous seasons, especially these last two years. I think he is just going to get better and better as he gets older.”

According to Pettit, Virges displayed good leadership qualities while playing on the varsity team.

“He is [a leader], but he is a different type of leader. He is not outspoken, he does not say much, but when he does, it usually carries a lot of weight and the kids listen to him. He is a soft-spoken player, but he does a lot of his talking with his actions on the court.”

Virges ended his senior season with 532 points, averaging 16.6 per game.

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