Last week, Hurricane Laura, a strong category four storm, struck the Louisiana and Texas coasts. The aftermath of the storm was devastating, with many structures and other things damaged, or more often completely destroyed.

This was the strongest hurricane to make landfall in my neck of the woods so to speak, at least from what I can remember, as Hurricane Katrina was only a Cat. Three when she hit in 2005. However, I do not remember much about it anyway.

But this time, I know how my parents and others must have felt, knowing a week in advance that these people we were watching on television, normal people just like us, were about to lose everything in the blink of an eye. It was heartbreaking.

They evacuated, many of them probably thinking they would never see their home again, because the place they would return to would be unrecognizable.

There are a few events a generation that define time periods. A notable example going back to Katrina, in which some refer to areas, especially New Orleans, as before Katrina and after Katrina.

It remains to be seen, but I feel that once the smoke clears, and rebuilding begins, it is extremely likely that this will be just such an event.

These people will know a time before Laura, and after. A time when everything was somewhat normal, and a time when all they had were the possessions they packed up and took with them.

Then there is the people who chose to stay behind despite the mandatory evacuation. My question for them is why? Why did you see fit to take that course of action.

This is not like wearing a mask. I can see both sides to that argument, but we are not talking about that. Weather is not some virus you may or may not believe in, it is not some government ploy to do this or that. It is real, you can see it, you can feel it, it is physical. So, I heard some people saying that it was because they did not want the government telling them where they could and could not stay. That is not a logical excuse to me. It would be different if the circumstances were different, but I do not feel that this is an invasion of liberty, it is an attempt to preserve it. But I digress.

However, there is no looking away from the pain and hard times that are sure to follow this catastrophic event, and the citizens of the affected areas will surely be picking up the pieces for some time to come.

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