Aniston Criddle

Just when I’m struggling. About to fall.

Just when I’m about to give in and thinking down on myself. When I’m just about ready to say whatever and throw it down.

Just when I believe I’ve done all I could and it isn’t going to get better, I find Jesus.

Jesus, I rest in you. I put my sorrows, fears, regrets, and dreams in You. This is a reminder, to anyone who may have forgotten where their hope and faith may lay. It’s at the feet of Jesus.

When you open your Bible, when you think deeper, when you look around, you’ll find it.

It’s hidden in the small things.

The scriptures, the thoughts that come from within, the people you come in contact with, and actions and words that God has made just for you.

After this, you’ll find the hope. The hope He has been holding in His hand for so long.

Waiting on me. On me to come home.

Here I am. Finding my hope in Jesus once again.

Mold me, make me, and transform me into someone who always always always will find their hope in You, Jesus.

What a peace it brings over me to know, You, Jesus, is where my best hope is.

And tonight, I pray I do the same tomorrow and the next.

Aniston is a Junior at Houston High School who writes inspirational pieces both for our publication and for her website at

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