Robert Scott

For as long as I can remember, I have been afraid of one thing above all else . . . storms.

It was particularly bad when I was a child, being afraid almost every time it would thunder. It has since gotten better, however, the loud crash of thunder still makes me uneasy at times.

No, my main fear is and always has been the tornadoes that sometimes accompany the storms.

This is particularly good timing, as at the time of writing this, we are under the threat of severe weather, and yes, even the chance for tornadoes. That is why this is on my mind.

However, my brothers clearly did not pick up the same traits as me, seeing that they are going to school to pursue a dream of being professional storm chasers. They would be riding right towards the storm, where as my inclination is to be as far away as possible.

All of that aside, I sometimes find it funny that someone afraid of storms such as myself should find themselves in Mississippi of all places. We have winter, summer, spring and fall all in the same week, sometimes even all in the same day. As such, we are frequently the target of thunderstorms. You can only imagine what it is like. I do not typically mind the occasional pop-up shower during the summer. No, I despise severe weather, and we seem to be catching a plethora of that this year. We have had two severe threats already since 2020 began and we are only two weeks in.

I love this time of year, because it is often cold and peaceful, however, if that warm air finds its way in, you can almost always guarantee that the show will be beginning shortly.

This has just been my thoughts on irony, and I hope they were not too scattered for you anyway.

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