Will Perkins

High school football is a sport that brings towns and communities together. We all want to cheer for the home team and watch our boys win. It’s all fun and games...until someone gets hurt, that is.

Whenever I was playing football at Columbus high, we would always need a running back to round out the team. We’d have a good quarterback, a few good receivers, and a fantastic defense. But, when it came to ball carriers we were always lacking. That is until my freshman year when a friend of mine from elementary school got the call. He was going to be the running back on the varsity team! We were all so excited for him that we would go and watch the practices.

On one of those practices, right before the start of the season, he would break his leg. I remember hearing him yell from under the pile that it was broken and to get off, but it takes time to get defensive linemen off of each other. The ambulance was called and he was in a cast the very next day.

What happened to my friend is not the average but it does happen more often than a player or parent would hope. There was a young man, Nehemiah Jones, who was seriously injured in Okolona’s first game. Injured so badly that they had to call the game. Now again this is not a normal or average event but it does happen. It is something that all players coaches and parents must think about before allowing these young people to play this sport.

I love football and would never want a world without it. But, I wish there was a way to take career ending/life altering injuries out of it. My friend from high school came back to play but was never as confident as he had been and quickly got sent to the bench. I hope there can be changes made so others are not put into this same situation.

We at the Chickasaw Journal wish Nehemiah Jones a speedy recovery.

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