A documentary dropped on YouTube last week called Plandemic, wherein a researcher who has been jailed for speaking out about corruption in the public health world is speaking out about her experience with pubic health crises and how history seems to be repeating itself right before our eyes.

I of course checked out the video, expecting nothing more than conspiracy theory fodder that would give me a good chuckle and I would continue on with my day...that was not the case.

It pointed out many things that concerned me before I even watched it, the biggest being is blind trust in your government a wise course of action?

When the colonies declared their independence from England, it was because of unjust taxation and an overbearing government. When the Constitution was established, it was meant to be a blanket of safety, guaranteeing us those rights and freedoms laid out therein and not allowing anyone, the government at any level, to trample on those freedoms for any reason. However, somewhere along the way, we lost the fervor to keep them to that promise, and they took advantage.

Now, flash forward to today, when many of us are not being allowed to leave our homes and being ordered to do this and do that for “the greater good.” Anyone not blindly conforming to these “regulations” are berated and in some extreme cases even arrested. This is the very definition of the government overstepping their bounds.

DO NOT misconstrue what I am saying as a call to arms, that is not what this is. I am saying that the governing bodies we answer to are not intended to be set up that way. They are meant to answer to us, that is the whole basis of a constitutional republic. We are taxed heavily and told how we should live and what is best for us and many of us follow blindly.

This is not a party issue either. Both sides of the spectrum are guilty of this, and have been for decades.

I am just worried about how much authority we are allowing these people to have now, because I am afraid that it will come back to bite us in the long run. So, we must look inward and ask ourselves whether or not sacrificing our God-Given freedoms is worth our temporary safety?

What do you think?

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