It is enriching to aspire daily to show people the real version of ourselves and not our staged, filtered, created representatives. Using elbow grease to aid us in being comfortable in our skin is also critical. Chronicling stories, with chapters underlining our diligence in being present in every moment, should be part of our long-standing testimony. There is no magic pill to freeze our youthfulness and eye-popping bodies, hence, we should remember we are more than our exterior.

In March of this year, I was on a bus when we stopped to pick up a gentleman going to dialysis. When he stepped on the bus, he cheerfully said to the driver, "Good morning, young lady." He followed by giving an enthusiastic hello to the rest of the riders. While walking down the aisle to exit, he told a female passenger, "Have a good day, young lady." Immediately after he departed, I thought about how if each of us keeps living, we will get old too.

During various moments of the day, I pondered on his words. These reflections led me to the words a co-worker named Ms. Lisa said to me in the past. She stated, "My mom often told me to just keep living." She explained her mom's point: Our bodies, hair color, facial features and entire lives will have constant changes as we awake to receive the graceful greeting of each new morning.

Until lately, the year I graduated high school did not seem like a long time ago. However, the head-spinning recollections of those years seem farther away with each passing year. When my mind goes on a time travel back to these earlier days, I recall fond, valued memories. Yet, these days sometimes seem like a shadow of my journey.

Moreover, when we kick the gear in reverse and cruise down the multi-lanes of our minds, each of us should recall purpose happens in steps. With every step, we should sense our cadence, and hopefully, this supercharges our mission. Our goal should be to live fully and love deeply with each passing day as our core identity becomes more toned and conditioned.

Fast-forwarding to the present, please be reminded life is the practice field for strengthening our muscles for future happenings. Thus, providing the experiences and content we need for every stage. Whether young or old, be mindful to create memories of yourself at various phases of your life. Years from now, when you review those vivid illustrations, hopefully, you will see how your identity more consistently matched the person of God.

While hopscotching through life, remember to enjoy each day and have fun. Continuing to savor moments and wearing our age with pride is prescribed by many who have gone before us. As we continue to make trips around the sun, be steadfast in not allowing the earth's shifting sands to affect your landscape. With every passing second, be thankful to be top-of-the-soil, and no matter how you change with time, be grateful to have another day to “just keep living".

Dr. LaShawna Fant, formerly of Houston, resides in Jackson.

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