HOUSTON – When Jane Richardson, of Brandon, stopped at Grocer's Pride, on her way from the Sweet Potato Festival, she expected to pick up some food and go on about her way, however, what she got was so much more than that.

“I went through the grocery store and I found some self-rising flour that I hadn't been able to find, so I picked me up two bags,” she said. “I got in line and there was this black lady in front of me, and she had already paid for her groceries and she told the little cashier, 'Scan her groceries too.' I said 'Ma'am, these are for me,' and she said 'I know.' I thought maybe she wanted to scan that and she was going to go back and get some for herself, and then she told the cashier, 'Go ahead and scan it, I want to pay for it for this lady.' I thought that was so wonderful!”

Richardson had never had anybody pay for anything for her before, but she said that she was very grateful.

She said that she was not able to get the lady's name, though she wished she did, but she wanted to reach out and share the kindness that she received from Houston, and that it left a mark on her.

“She just did it out of the goodness of her heart, and it just goes to show that there are still good people in this world.”

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