HOUSTON – Several law enforcement agencies are seeking Dustin Tyler King, 31, of Booneville, on false pretense and cattle theft charges.

They can now take their issues up with him personally. Thursday afternoon, May 30, Tishomingo authorities said he’s now in their jail. In the words of Investigator Donald Ray Thomas, “He’s been a thorn in everybody’s side. Tell everybody you we’ve got him. We want to keep him in jail.”

Turns out he’s accused of doing those things here as well. He’s out on bond in Chickasaw County on those two felony charges, Chickasaw County Sheriff Jimmy Meyers said this week.

A Chickasaw County Grand Jury indicted him in 2017 on charges of false pretense and larceny of livestock in 2017, according to records.

Both charges stemmed from the same case, the sheriff said this week. King is charged with buying about 55 head of cattle at the Sale Barn, at a price of about $100,000, giving a bad check for the purchase and then failing to pay for them in a specific period of time.

The cattle were never recovered, authorities said.

King was arrested shortly afterward, and was later released on $150,000 bond. He has remained out on bond since that time. His next scheduled court appearance in Chickasaw will be for a two-week term of Circuit Court in September, the sheriff said.

Until he fails to show up to answer charges against him in that court session, he’s in compliance with the terms of his bond in this county. For now, he faces no additional legal problems in Chickasaw, the sheriff said this week. That could change if he fails to appear for his court case, however.

In other places, however, he was more actively being sought.

The Belmont Police Department wants him on two counts of false pretense, according to published reports. Police said he was trying to pass bad checks written to himself from two separate banks in Belmont, according to Police Investigator Donald Thomas.

King has also been indicted in Prentiss County on stolen property charges, and is also wanted for cattle theft in Jasper County, Ala., Thomas said.

In other area law enforcement news:

OKOLONA – Okolona police said one person was shot in the leg Memorial Day night, Monday night, May 27, in Okolona.

Okolona Town Marshal Tommie Ivy said the individual was transported to the hospital.

He could not confirm the location of the shooting, but he is expected to release more information later today.

He said no one was in custody as of Tuesday morning.

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