OKOLONA -- Kings Forge Steel, LLC, is announcing a new operation at 286 South Carter Street in Okolona, MS.

Kings Forge Steel, LLC, is owned by Adrian Mitchell and Lucian Young. This new company will be responsible for steel-building manufacturing out of this facility as well as any specialty fabrication. They can design and draw buildings, have a full-time staff and offer engineer-stamped plans. They build shop houses, steel barn dominiums, and ag buildings. Their sister construction company, Three Branches Construction Company, allows them to construct turn-key buildings.

These are female veteran-owned companies.

At this time Kings Forge Steel, LLC, plans to hire 5-6 full time employees in the near future.

CEO Lucian Young says the City of Okolona has been very welcoming. I like the area very much and am looking forward to being an asset to the city and bringing the spirit of entrepreneurship to the city. He is also looking forward to getting to know the people of Okolona and forging relationships in the steel industry.

"We are very excited about the opportunity that Kings Forge Steel is bringing to the little city that does big things," said Mayor Sherman Carouthers. "It is through their efforts of locating here in the city that will enhance the quality of life for citizens for many years to come. We wish them much success and prosperity."

Patsy Gregory, Economic Development Liaison, said that Okolona is excited about this new company’s arrival and belief in Okolona as a place to expand his operation. We look forward to our public-private partnership and are committed to meeting our companies’ needs so they achieve long-term growth and success in our city. We are glad to continue to diversify our manufacturing and business here. We appreciate building owners’ willingness to sell and lease to bring new business and industry here.

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