Melanie Langston drives the ball down the court.

PONTOTOC – The Houlka Lady Wildcats took on the South Pontotoc Lady Cougars on Friday night.

The Lady Wildcats kept with the Lady Cougars largely, however, the South Pontotoc offense was just too explosive for the Houlka defense.

The Lady Wild Cats would go on to lose by a score of 60-35.

There were drives that ended with scores that could probably have been prevented, but head coach Davin Young was not discouraged by the loss. Instead, he saw it as a learning experience for the girls, and he hoped that they would take lessons from it instead of hanging their heads.

“I was pretty pleased with [their performance],” said Young. “Younever like losing but South is a really good team and I liked the fight, the hustle of the girls. We have got a few clear lessons out of it that we can go on and continue to grow.”

Young believes that the team has growing to do, and that is his goal in his leadership, to make sure that they develop more and gain the valuable experience needed as a team.

“I think these girls probably gained a little bit of inspiration by playing this team, because they are good, they've only been beat by Pontotoc, maybe. We need to work on our driving some, we need to drive into the basket. We have got girls that are a little bit timid to do that, but they realize the need for it. I think we learned a lot from this game tonight...We have got girls doing things that they haven't done before and they are trying things and learning, learning how to play ball and I am excited about them getting better. We got a loss, but it is super fun watching them grow and I hope they continue to do that and I hope they stay excited about it.”

The Lady Wildcats will take on North Pontotoc on Monday, Dec. 21.

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