The MHSAA Office declares a dead period for all MHSAA sports and activities one week during each summer. This year the dates were July 1-7.

There was to be no summer basketball, summer baseball games, football camps, workouts or weightlifting during this time. This also applied to band camps, cheerleader camps and practice.

This allowed the athletes and students to re-energize, re-focus, rest, heal, and spend time with families before the grueling month of July. July is the key month for all sports and activities to train for the upcoming school and sports season.

Houston Hilltopper Head Football Coach Ty Hardin said, “It is a much-needed break for coaches and players. My only concern is that I hope our players do not lose what they have gained since January.”

As a former coach, I really like the dead period and break. I also like the first week of July as the correct week in doing this. I believe it is beneficial to coaches, parents, and most importantly the students and players.

I think the players need some down time for their bodies to recover from the previous school year and the June workouts. It also allows them to become fresher for the upcoming school year.

Hats off to MHSAA for implementing this dead period.

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