Aniston Criddle

I am learning so many things as the days go on and am in awe of just how clear I see those things. It’s not because I have 20/20 vision or because I learn things in great detail.

It’s because I have Jesus Christ.

The purest, most kind, richest form of love there is. He is beside me teaching and showing me in my days just what I need to know.

I have learned to be comfortable in the “almost there” instead of the “here I am”… it’s ok to sit in the same place for quite sometime. It’s ok to not see growth as the days go on. Simply trying is enough. With or without evidence immediately of it.

I say this because I feel this. I know Jesus has me sitting still to know He is there. He is helping me focus all the blur on His presence. What a sweet lesson from Jesus that will help me understand the sitting still in the future too.

I am learning it’s ok to feel small on some days and loud on others. It’s ok to feel as if you have power and an impact. But it’s also just as ok to sit back and just chill simply because you have thoughts. Thoughts that’s linger and make you think twice. Everyone has them but not everyone listens.

I am learning to tune them out. To not listen. And to focus my vision on the most important thing there is. Everyone has those bad days you have. As long as you find grace in those days, in the small things, and in the big ones, you’re growing. Whether you see it or not.

I am finding the difference in standing tall in height and standing tall in heart. Stand tall for what you believe, even if you are the shortest in the crowd. I promise in the end, you will not regret staying true to yourself!

I am seeing that I can be the biggest mess but also the best work of art there is. And so can you! I know and accept this because Jesus has showed me. He has told me. And he continues to never fail everyday at this.

I’ve learned Grace and growth enjoy holding hands. They enjoy the journey they’re on in us. They love working together and they love seeing things moving and changing in our life.

I’ve learned to have grace in the storm, in the most perfect day, and during the growth. Because overall, it’s all just lessons from Jesus with a little bit of grace and growth mixed in between.

Aniston is a Junior at Houston High School who writes inspirational pieces both for our publication and for her website at

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