Will Perkins

Moving and sports are extremely similar. Both take precission, effort and are more easily done with a team. I myself have been moving this week and could have used a good team to help me out.

While I was moving I also went and watched a few highschool football teams. There I sat and took pictures of the players and thought about my moving wins and failures. For one I have not been able to successfully put in a ceiling fan to save my life. With my manhood hurt I then took to moving boxes, an easy task for an ex-offevensive lineman.

While I stood there pondering I realized how much my dilemmas and issues matched that of the players on the field. Some offenses could not produce a drive, similar to me not being able to properly install a shower rod. The coaches were yelling at their players like I yelled at my ceiling fan for not spinning and cooling me down.

I had been slightly upset at the fact that I was not able to finish up my projects at the house and instead was being forced to watch football. But then, I was struck by just how selfish and rude that made me sound. I myself am lucky to have a house and job in these trying unprecedented times. I am also lucky to watch these students play theirs, and my, favorite sport.

After my realization I just smiled and kept taking pictures. Thankfully the coaching staff couldn’t see my silly grin for my mask.

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