HOUSTON – This past week, the Mississippi Lottery began, and the first day of sales saw the state bring in over $2.5 million in revenue according to multiple news sources. Houston was not exempt from their slice of the pie either.

Gas stations throughout the town saw customers flock in buying scratch offs and trying to win big.

There is no breakdown available of how much sales totaled in each area, but judging by the amount of foot traffic at the participating locations, there should have been a healthy amount brought in.

The stores in Chickasaw County who have been reported as selling scratch off tickets are:


– Bluesky (Exxon)

– Houston Discount Tobacco

– Sprint Mart


– David’s One Stop


– Dodge’s

– Okolona Deli Mart

– United Convenience Store

It is likely that the list of participating stores will grow as time progresses.

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