Raeshun McGregory signed with Cohoma Community College. Pictured is McGregory with his friends and family. 

HOUSTON – Houston basketball player Raeshun McGregory signed with Coahoma Community College on Monday, Feb. 8.

McGregory, who is a starter for the Hilltopper Basketball team, will further his basketball career at Coahoma.

“Its everybody's dream to go to the next level, and not everybody can do it, you've got to put in the work,” said McGregory.

He has been a difference maker for the Toppers this season, making good plays inside and rallying the team when down.

Cohoma was a natural choice for McGregory, as he liked the program and coaches.

“The coach showed a lot of love on the visit and told me I could be a key part of the team. The gym is nice, and the people in the City of Clarksdale are nice too.”

He looks to get his degree, while also looking to take his basketball career as far as it can possibly go.

“I plan to major in art, and get my degree, and if basketball goes as planned, I plan on going D1 and going on from there.”

McGregory has been on two division champion teams for the Toppers, as well as the first team to make it to the final four in almost two decades.

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