Local author Whitney White spoke at the MHV Northeast District Meeting, held in Chickasaw.

HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Chapter of the Mississippi Homemaker Volunteers (MHV) hosted the Fall Northeast District Meeting.

The MHV is an organization that is sponsored by Mississippi State University and the Mississippi State Extension Service. It focuses on volunteering and community service.

“We do the library twice a year, and anything that benefits the community,” said Wanda Hancock, a member of the Chickasaw Chapter of MHV. “We have a Breast Cancer awareness luncheon coming up next month. We also held a health fair. This is basically just volunteer work though. We go and help someone, take them to the doctor, help out at funerals taking food and such.”

The Northeast District consists of 22 counties. Representatives from all 22 counties were present at the meeting in Houston. The organization hosts two big meetings like this one a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, and it rotates between the counties hosting. According to McDaniel, Chickasaw County has not hosted for as long as she has been at the Extension Service, but she said it had probably been close to decades, if ever, since they had last hosted.

This year’s meeting had two speakers. Whitney White, who is a local author, spoke about her books, and Hancock was the other speaker. She did a presentation on decorating with gourds for the fall and winter. The Assistant Extension Director and the Northeast Extension Coordinator were also present at the meeting.

For anyone interested in joining, the Chickasaw Chapter of MHV meets on the second Wednesday monthly at 2 p.m. at the MSU Extension Office. They are always looking for more volunteers.

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