CHICKASAW • Voters in two Chickasaw County Municipalities will head to the polls next Tuesday, June 8, to cast their ballots for the general elections.

Following a primary and runoff, the general election will be the final hurdle to cross for the candidates seeking election, or in some cases, reelection into their respective offices.

Houston already has a new face joining the board this next term in the form of Matt Callahan, who beat incumbent Frank Thomas for the Ward 3 Alderman seat in the Republican primary.

The remaining seats that will be voted on in Houston are Alderman of Ward 1 and Alderman at Large.

Ward 1 is a race between incumbent Kellie Atkinson and newcomer Jerry Gravat.

Alderman at Large will see incumbent Barry Springer face off against Andrea McMichael.

There was a mayoral election set to take place as well between incumbent Stacey Parker and challenger Sean Johnson. However, Johnson was disqualified by the Election Commission due to incomplete paperwork.

Therefore, Parker will serve another term as mayor.

In Okolona, the mayoral race will produce a new mayor regardless, as incumbent Sherman Carouthers did not advance past the primary.

Instead, Independent Candidate, and current Ward 3 Alderman Kelvin Stanfield will face off against Democratic nominee Eldridge Lowe for the Mayor’s seat.

The other races in Okolona were decided during the primary elections, and therefore, the mayor is the final race on the ballot.

High voter turnout is encouraged, because these are the people who will be serving in these positions for the next four years at least. Therefore, to have a say in who sits in those seats, voting is necessary.

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