CHICKASAW Another set of Municipal Elections are in the books.

With the general elections rounding out the election cycle on Tuesday, June 8, all boards have been decided for the next four years.

In Houston, there were two races on the General Election ballot.

Ward 1 was a race between incumbent Kellie Atkinson and newcomer Jerry Gravat.

It was a close race, but ultimately Atkinson took the victory and maintained her spot on the board by a final vote count of 195-91.

Incumbent Barry Springer took on Andrea McMichael for the Alderman At Large position as well.

Springer maintained his seat by a final count of 546-349.

Across the creek, in Okolona, the race for Mayor was the sole race on the ballot.

It saw Democratic Primary winner Eldridge Lowe taking on sitting Ward 3 Alderman Kelvin Stanfield for the seat that will be vacated by sitting Mayor Sherman Carouthers, who lost to Lowe in the primary.

Lowe secured the victory over Stanfield on Tuesday by a final count of 360-96.

Here are the boards for the next term:


Ward 1 – Kellie Atkinson

Ward 2 – Shenia K. Jones

Ward 3 – Matt Callahan

Ward 4 – Willie McKinney

At Large – Barry Springer


Mayor – David Huffman

Alderman – K.C. Gates

Alderman – Dustin Eaton

Alderman – Jerry Turner

Alderlady – Kimberlee Murphree

Alderman – Brad Vance


Mayor – Eldridge Lowe

Ward 1 – Doris Ann-Lowe Bailey

Ward 2 – Bennett Moore

Ward 3 – Jarvis Brumby

Ward 4 – Marsha Gates

Ward 5 – Robert Hughes

Ward 6 – Corey Young

City Marshall – Tommie J. Ivy, Sr.


Mayor – Patti Pettit

Alderlady – Chesteen Russell

Alderman – Tony Gann

Alderlady – Jennifer Kilgore

While most boards, like Houston, Houlka and Woodland, saw the same people, or very few new faces, Okolona saw a complete shake up of their current board.

Only one incumbent, Ward 2’s Moore, maintained his seat.

The others, including Mayor, were all replaced.

Houlka did see a new Mayor this time around, with David Huffman taking the seat after incumbent Jimmy Kelly decided to drop out of the race and not seek a third term.

“I’ve pulled my papers, and I’m not running again. I’ll be 72 in June, and I’m ready to retire,” he said in an earlier interview.

The boards will be sworn into their offices in July.

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