HOUSTON – The New Century Club of Houston hosted their annual Breast Cancer Awareness 5k run on Saturday, Sep. 28.

The run saw dozens of people from all over coming together and running to raise awareness. According to New Century Club Co-President, Leigh Anne Mabry, there were approximately 70 runners who signed up this year. She said that that number was larger than it had been in a while.

They changed the run up a bit this year. They held it in honor of Danyelle Sterkel, Misty Hall and Jena Whitacre, members of the community who are currently battling Breast Cancer.

The event is to raise money that the club can then in turn use to assist those in need in the community such as these women. They also sell t-shirts and when a runner registers, they receive a shirt.

According to Mabry, the money stays in the community.

She also said that this year’s run was a success.

“Since I have been a member of the New Century Club, and this is my fourth year, this year’s run had the biggest turnout that I have ever seen,” she said. “It was outstanding and we appreciate all of the support.”

The overall winners for the race were Kemper Cook for the male division, with a time of 22.04 and Madison Buckley for the female division with a time of 26.47.

The winners in each division were:


0-15: Madison Buckley

20-24: Callie Craig

25-29: Sayra Vaughn

30-34: Andrea Wright

35-39: Brooke Harrell

40-44: Amber Burdine

45-49: Angela Long

50-54: Jerri Cutlip

55-59: Elizabeth Ausbern

65-69:Susan Whitacre

75 and above: Ann Mellott.


0-15: Kemper Cook

16-19: Quay Davidson

30-34: Michael Patterson

35-39: Jordan Kilgore

40-44: Dustin Whitacre

45-49: Thomas Howell

65-69: John Sullivan.

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