Will Perkins

Will Perkins

My name is Will Perkins. I am your new sports reporter for the Chickasaw Journal. I am very excited to be a part of this fantastic community and paper. I hope to get to know all you and bring you stories about our great school’s teams.

I am from Columbus Mississippi and am 22 years old. I have written about local sports since I was a student at Columbus High School. After graduating I began writing as the sports editor for The Spectator, the newspaper of Mississippi University for Women (and a few good men). I have a passion for the games that are played but more importantly, a passion to see these students thrive academically and in our community. I hope to bring you stories of great games and great kids.

Sports are such a valuable part of schools. Football is one of these sports and it just so happens to be starting soon. You couldn’t find a soul more excited than I am. Football is a game that brings people together. It creates bonds that last a lifetime and span the country. In a community, the best memories most people have are cool Friday nights spent playing or cheering for the players and listening to the band play their hearts out. I cannot wait until we begin playing in these next few weeks to see what our coaches and teams have in store for us.

While I may be new to the area I am ready and excited for what the future holds for me in Chickasaw County. While I may still live in Columbus I will be in and around the area. If you happen to see me around town or at a game please come and say hello. If you have an idea for a story about a team or player please feel free to email me at williambruceperkins@gmail.com. Or call the Chickasaw Journal’s office.

Thank you for allowing me to bring what I have to offer your community.

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